• When was LF founded?

    We were founded in 1988 as a watch case factory. Throughout the years, we have transformed into a manufacturing powerhouse that provides technology companies with precision metal solutions.

  • Where is LF located?

    Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong. We also run five subsidiaries in Dongguan.

  • How many employees are there in LF?

    We employ over 11,000 talents spanning from engineering, smart manufacturing, project management to EHS.

    Visit Careers if you are interested in finding out more about career opportunities in LF.

  • Where can I learn more about the history of LF?

    We have highlighted several milestones of LF in Our Journey.

  • What are LF’s core values?

    Innovation – Adopting the latest technologies, and inventing new tools, techniques or even machineries to actualize clients’ creative concepts

    Quality – Accuracy and exactness of where and how LF creates value for our clients

    People – Caring for our employees and treating them as valuable members of our close-knit community; investing in their success and co-creating career paths with them

    Environment – Being environmentally conscious, and devising targeted policies and even creative approaches to conserve the environment

    Integrity – Being fair and truthful in all aspects

  • What is LF’s vision?

    We aim to establish ourselves as the industrial solution of choice in the technology market. We strive to maintain our bellwether position by embracing market shifts and business challenges.

  • What are precision metals?

    Precision metals are metal pieces fabricated with high level of accuracy that conform to stringent specifications.

    Click here to learn more about precision metals.

  • What are the applications of LF’s metal pieces?

    We manufacture precision metal parts for high-tech IoT products such as smartphones, wearable devices, GPS hardware, drones, etc.

  • Does LF market its own branded goods?

    We currently neither design nor manufacture our own branded goods. Meanwhile, our in-house innovation center is dedicated to the invention of cutting edge manufacturing tools and technologies.

  • What is LF’s role in project development?

    We adopt an interactive and proactive approach to better understand our clients’ needs. We then customise a production plan based on the necessary requirements, e.g. specifications, aesthetics, processes, time, etc. Even for germinal ideas, we aim to work out feasible solutions with clients through iterative experimentation.

  • What are LF’s competitive edges?

    We are a large-scale one-stop shop for our clients. What differentiates us from our peers is the malleability stemming from the areas below:

    – In-house laboratories and multiple facilities focusing on techniques across different production stages
    – An innovation center that devises innovative robotic designs
    – Extensive IT expertise enabling software and system related initiatives
    – Holistic and flexible production planning
  • As an environmentally conscious corporation, what measures does LF enact?

    We have taken a series of measures to minimise negative impact on the environment, including:

    – Reducing waste
    We minimise harmful industrial waste discarded from the process of metal fabrication by setting up waste water treatment plants. This not only eliminates waste, but also recycles water which will be reused in production.
    – Alternative energy sources
    We install solar power panels, and also purchase alternative energy power, e.g. biomass energy, from third party suppliers
    – Process reengineering
    We constantly examine and redesign workflow to ensure every piece of resources is utilized up to its maximum potential

    Visit Environment to learn more about our EHS initiatives and our commitment towards sustainability.

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